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Hello Friends!

I miss you all! Thank you for sending greetings and news of your music and life interests. I am always interested in what and how you are doing so keep up the correspondence!

These days I am listening to music, watching current events (& a few game shows) ;-) amd minding my body, mind and spirit. I hope you are, too.

I am always interested in helping others in need. Here is one organization we learned more about during the pandemic. Feed The

If you'd like to take a FREE 45-minute musical break and/or watch a show we put together again, do so here. Please make a donation to Feed The Children, if you're able.

For other events, thoughts and current news, please check me out on my Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. That's where you'll see announcements & future Happenings. Also, you can use my easy-click above + on the right to see lots more. Check it out.

Love is a Song!